Our Partners


UGA is a finance company with a more broad-minded approach than is typical of most banks and secondary lenders. We work to develop creative solutions that meet the needs of your business and the consumers you serve, including consumers with less than perfect credit. With UGA, your practice can leverage its true sales potential, drive incremental revenue and take advantage of stronger cash flow.

Omega RMS

Omega RMS is a leading provider of strategic contact campaigns, loan servicing, third party receivables purchasing and collections solutions.  Working with companies from Main Street to Wall Street, Omega RMS is focused on industry solutions in Education, Training, Healthcare, Consumer products, Consumer Services and more. Bringing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to today's business owners, Omega RMS is dedicated to partnerships that enable forward thinking and profitable growth. Omega RMS understands  that customer relationships serve as the foundation for your business model.  We also know the strategies required to successfully manage the servicing of our clients' portfolios. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we apply professional personnel to the management of your assets at all times.

Merchant Processing

Credit card processing and merchant services from our preferred partner solutions are designed to meet the payment needs of organizations both large and small.  Additionally, with the integration of our partnered solutions we serve as your single source for all payments (ACH, check, file/web based, recurring, remittance, and debit/credit card).  Our solutions for credit card processing and merchant services feature  access to all major credit card platforms to provide coverage across all industry segments.

Paul Webb Training

Paul Webb Training/International Training Solutions, Inc. is an on-demand sales and marketing performance training company that has helped over 41,000 sales and marketing professionals achieve incremental, sustained and predictable revenue growth. With clients ranging from 180 of the fortune 500 corporations and service professionals to vehicle manufactures and national associations, I.T.S., Inc. uses unique sales and marketing technology and methodology to teach its clients.

Stem Cell Therapy Partnerships

Advancements in stem cell research have led to therapies for both skin rejuvenation and pain management.  Call Provider First Financial for more details about these amazing therapies for your practice.